Economic well-being has been improving in recent years but for the most vulnerable it has been getting worse. In the recent period of inflation, this has escalated and more people are struggling to live on their income.

Our goal is to streamline giving to this vulnerable group through collaboration with various charities. The organization identifies the person based on biometrics and connects them to a ring that can then be used as a means of payment. The solution can be used in local projects or in European partnerships where the individual is identified in one country and helped back to their home country. EU funding can be directly transferred to the individuals provided they are in their home countries.

How does biometrics work?
To prevent people from taking advantage of the system, a biometric verification must be done the first time the entire national catalogue is searched. The first time this takes a little time, but then the identity is linked to the ring which makes the validation much quicker.

Why a ring?
Since homeless people sleep in public places such as train stations and subways, it is easier to protect a ring instead of, for example, a mobile phone.

How to protect the transactions?
In order to be able to buy their food and shelter, it is necessary to activate their account once a week which is done at the aid organization. If the person does not do this, the underlying system will not activate the account for payment. In this way, the payment function and the ring itself are protected.